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NoBe Everywhere 2020

Greetings Scouts and Parents,

Are you disappointed that summer camp was cancelled?  Well we are too, but we think we have found a Virtual Summer Camp for you to consider. 

Camp NoBeBoSco, (operated by our own Northern NJ Council), has put together a summer program called NoBe Everywhere!  They are calling it a Hybrid Experience, where the camp staff and counselors will be sequestered at Camp NoBe and the Scouts connect up with them via zoom and google classroom to facilitate the summer camp experience. 

Your Troop Leadership has been working with the camp and feel that this is a great alternative given the current COVID19 Situation.  It will not be the same as being out in the woods together, but the camp will have morning & evening colors, campfires, and other exciting activities along with the ability to earn up to 5 merit badges.  Plus you get to sleep at home in your own bed.

The cost for the week is $150, and you can register for one or more weeks, but all weeks will have the same program and merit badge offerings.  Registration is done individually at the link below.  If you are interested, we are encouraging our Scouts to register for week 3, which is the same week the troop was to have gone to summer camp, July 13th – 17th.  This will allow our scouts to participate as a troop in some of the campwide games as well as potentially be in the same merit badge classes together.  However, if this week does not work for your family, then register for one of the other weeks that is better for your schedule.

NOW for further information and to register… check out their site for all things summer camp:
Your Troop leadership does ask that should you decide to sign your son up, to PLEASE have an adult with him at all times.  We do not want any scout alone during ‘summer camp’, especially if they are taking a merit badge (i.e. woodworking), where they could injure themselves.  Troop Leadership will not necessarily be present in any of the zoom or google classrooms as this hybrid camp is organized to deliver the program to you individually.  Which is the reason why we are requesting you supervise your Scout throughout his week of ‘summer camp.
Attached is the list of merit badges they are offering.  Please note that some will be issued as Partials, there are 3 that require a small additional cost for supplies that will be mailed to you prior to the start of the week.  Several badges also have prerequisites that will need to be completed outside of ‘summer camp.’ 

Required for first year campers, NoBe Everywhere offers a ‘First Class Adventure’ program.  You will work with other new Scouts on advancement opportunities for Scout, Tenderfoot, Second and First Class ranks for two hours (2-4pm) in the afternoon. You also have the opportunity to earn 3 additional merit badges during the other class times.

Not sure?  Speak to us, ask your questions….  we’ve ask many and will most likely have the answer for you. 

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