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Eagle’s Nest

The following members of Troop 22 have been awarded the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest rank attainable in Boy Scouts.  The title of Eagle Scout is held for life, thus giving rise to the phrase
“Once an Eagle, always an Eagle”.

Requirements include earning at least 21 merit badges and demonstrating Scout Spirit through the Boy Scout Oath and Law, service, and leadership. This includes an extensive service project that the Scout plans, organizes, leads, and manages. Eagle Scouts are presented with a medal and a badge that visibly recognizes the accomplishments of the Scout. Additional recognition can be earned through Eagle Palms, awarded for completing additional tenure, leadership, and merit badge requirements.


John W. Smith
November ’49Edward Treacy
January ’53

David McCaffrey
January ’56

Walter J. Cullen
May ’64

Robert Compten
January ’65

Kevin W. FitzMaurice
June ’66

Brian K. FitzMaurice
October ’68

Kevin Brown
April ’71

Michael J. Grosso
October ’72

Timothy Carroll
December ’73

Thomas A. Mooney
January ’74

Thomas McGrath

Joseph Grosso
November ’77

Franz Probst
April ’78

Chris O’Connell
March ’81

Ronald Burgers
April ’83

Larry Burke
March ’83

Michael McGinty
March ’86

Michel Zieleniewski

Adam Forbes

Stephen D. Kovacs
March ’97

Ken Sheyka
September ’98

Daniel M. Naturale
July ’99

Brendan A. Hughes
August ’99

David A. Eng, Jr.
September ’00

Nathaniel A. Frissell
June ’01

Thomas P. Simons
May ’02

Christopher Kudrak
August ’02

Noel A. Simsimian
February ’03

John E. Montesano
June ’04

Micah J. Olsen
August ’04

Michael Westervelt
June ’05

Joseph Beronio
September ’05

Andrew Cerracchio
October ’05

Kristofer M. Such
April ’06

Sean Wilkinson
June ’06

Joseph P. Romano
April ’07

Brian C. Wasilewski
September ’07

Leon E. Cedeno
March ’09

Daniel J. Holly
May ’09

Matthew C. Kyle
June ’09

Matthew J. Roake
February ’10

Ryan Andrews
September ’10

Dennis J. Pierson
December ’10

Christopher L. Gianfrancesco
August ’11

Donovan T. Honeywell
April ’12

Alexander Adam Rogacki
July ’12

Michael C. Sweetman
December ’13

Steven Robert Bain
July ’14

Sean Ernst Cedeno
November ’14

Gregory Matthew Kueken
September ’15

Julian Londono
July ’16

Ethan Raymond Brown
July ’17

James Fleming
December ’49Neil O’Keefe
August ’55

John P. McCaffrey
November ’58

John J. Lauter
June ’64

Joseph FitzMaurice
April ’65

Clifford De Anna
May ’67

John De Anna
April ’70

Robert J. Fredette
January ’72

John G. Mooney
December ’73

Charles Buchynski
January ’74

Louis Picciano

John Brija
December ’76

Joseph Hurley
November ’77

John Swanson

Robert Burke
May ’81

John Mawe
April ’83

Thomas Mulligan
April ’85

Thomas Mulvaney
June ’86

Chris Zangaro

Eric Escobinas

Scott W. Gurian
April ’97

Daniel E. Zilinski
April ’99

Alexander Picinich
July ’99

Peter A. Bruhn
August ’99

Adrian S. Roberts, IV
October ’00

David Chang
January ’02

Edward J. Cerracchio
July ’02

Leonard A. Hughes
November ’02

Robert E. Such
September ’03

Matthew J. Palazzoto
June ’04

Andrew S. Hearst
October ’04

Anthony J. Hawkins
August ’05

Paul Lorenz
September ’05

Mark P. Bomberger
April ’06

Alexander Wilkinson
April ’06

Sebin Vadasserril
August ’06

Andrew T. Levine
May ’07

Matthew P. Picinich
April ’08

James F. Mulligan, III
March ’09

Matthew T. Duhm
June ’09

Bennett N. Honeywell
July ’09

Daniel H. Goodsier, III
April ’10

Ryan E. Fitzmaurice
September ’10

Nicholas A. Creer
August ’11

Frank C. Molinaro, Jr.
August ’11

Stephen Lim
April ’12

Robert Vincent Schiller
May ’13

Matthew L. Capobianco
March ’14

Giancarlo Joseph Ponticello
August ’14

Steven Anthony Callori
May ’15

Kyle Christopher Richards
June ’16

Zachary Sebek
August ’16

Matthew Fleming
January ’52Kenneth Hein
November ’55

Gregory G. Griffith
June ’60

Thomas A. Walsh, Jr.

Donald Sommerkamp
April ’65

Michael Legge
May ’67

James L. Mullin
May ’70

Armand Petrosino
June ’72

James M. Laffey
December ’73

Todd Elsasser
January ’74

Mark Buchynski
April ’76

Robert Brown
November ’77

Thomas Helmstetter
April ’78

Craig Impellizze
May ’81

Michael Joyce
May ’81

Paul Bonelli
March ’83

Jeffrey Sefjack
April ’85

Michael Bonelli

Ariel Escobinas

George W. Kovacs
April ’96

Andrew C. Kovacs
February ’98

Michael M. Credico
July ’99

Joseph F. Wannat
July ’99

Robert J. Good
May ’00

Glenn C. Catlin
December ’00

Edward Moclair
May ’02

Charlie T. Cummings
August ’02

Stephen F. Trias
February ’03

Calvin M. Honeywell
January ’04

John T. Fitzmaurice
August ’04

Evan Wilson
January ’05

Michael D. Holler
August ’05

David Merle
September ’05

Nicholas R. Lang
April ’06

Timothy F. Honeywell
June ’06

Max A. Mueller
February ’07

Stephen D. Murphy
September ’07

Daniel Londono
September ’08

John P. Quirolo
March ’09

Kevin C. Hilaire
June ’09

Jason C. Levine
September ’09

Bryan T. Westervelt
June ’10

Michael R. Callori
September ’10

Brian C. Graff
August ’11

Robert G. Kyle
August ’11

John Paul Cozzarelli
May ’12

Nicholas Francis Cozzarelli
November ’13

Andrew F. Mescall
May ’14

Kenneth Chan Creer
August ’14

Liam Sweeney
August ‘15

Joseph W. Cisneros
June ’16

Marc Andrew Cozzarelli
December ’16

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